One Room Challenge: Week Two

The One Room Challenge is a six week design challenge held twice a year in October and April. It features 20 designers who will document their transformation of a single room over six weeks. Anyone with a instagram or blog is invited to join the community and share their own one room transformation journey.

I’ve been working on finalizing decisions, finding inspiration, and trying to psych myself up for going forward. As I mentioned last week I had a hard time choosing a room and a plan. Every room has so many possibilities it’s hard to go in one direction and stay the course. I can never stay the course. Which is why every room in my house looks “fine”, but also have a million little projects that could make them look complete.

I’m hoping talking through my ideas will firm up the plan for myself. Is it normal to have done nothing but think for the first week? Probably should have done this prep work before the challenged started. Anyhoooo…..

Lets talk about my color pallet. I’m going to stick with gray which is what the room is now, but lighten it with accents of white. But I was second guessing this plan due to my warm brown tiger eye vanity that I don’t want to paint. When I saw this bathroom with lights similar to the sconces I’m looking at, I couldn’t help but notice the warm brown with the gray:

Then this bedroom showed up in my feed with a similar color combo but using camel colored leather (also major heart eyes for all those windows and natural light):

It felt like the universe was saying: Your instincts are good. DO IT.

I wanted the room to have an accent wall. Accent walls have been a trend for what feels like forever. Decades ago accents walls were just one wall painted an intriguing hue. Then JoAnn introduced shiplap and the textured accent wall has become all the rage. I love the more modern architectural interpretations.

Like this Herringbone one by Honey Built Home.

Or this one by Angela Rose Home. The color and intrigue. Swoon!

But I do not have a large windowless wall to do that with. So I considered doing board and baton around the whole room like this from Chris Loves Julia.

I seriously considered this option. I almost did a similar treatment in my entry. However I’ve seen the variations on board and baton so much lately. It’s not that it feels over done, but I feel less inspired by it than I was a year ago. And it doesn’t solve the problem with this off centered window.

The window problem

However the board and baton led me back to the idea of shiplap and wood paneling and then it came to me. A way to add texture to a room that would be soft and cozy and solve my window problem. An accent wall of curtains. Curtains from ceiling to floor, wall to wall. It’s been done before, and was incredibly popular in the 1950’s. Think this, but modern and fresh.

source, awesome article from Architect Magazine about windows!

I considered making the curtain panels myself. However when I found 6 gray panels at Homegoods for $10 each I knew I couldn’t beat that price in fabric and lining. I plan on pleating the curtains to give them a custom look. I am still debating between an inverted box pleat or a french pleat. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Curtain pannel

We’re traveling for a long weekend come Saturday. You might find me hand pleating these curtain panels on the train. Which is fine because my sewing machine needs a tune up and wouldn’t cooperate anyway. I hope I have a lot more to share with you in week 3, both for your enjoyment and my sanity.

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