One Room Challenge: Week Four

The One Room Challenge is a 6 week design challenge held twice a year. It features 20 designers who will document their transformation of a single room over six weeks. Anyone with a instagram or blog is invited to join the community and share their own one room transformation journey.

Well I’m about a week behind on this challenge. And everything is a mess. But that’s everyone right now? Right?!?

I decided not to pleat the curtains. Partly due to time, but also once I hung them I liked how they looked, so why make more work for myself? We rearranged the room and we are loving the layout. Everything is a mess but it already feels right, which makes going forward very exciting.

Before and current afters:

Projects for this week include rewiring scones and painting the dressers. I’m so excited to have this dresser right outside the bathroom and under the window. Talk about functional design! It is the perfect shape for this spot, it just needs a makeover. And a drawer. Stay tuned.

Real life mess of redesigning a space you use daily.

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