One Room Challenge: Week Five

The One Room Challenge is a six week design challenge held twice a year in October and April. It features 20 designers who will document their transformation of a single room over six weeks. Anyone with a instagram or blog is invited to join the community and share their own one room transformation journey.

There is just one week left until the big reveal. gulp.

I was really dragging this week. I had an overwhelming to do list and due to catching a bug early in the week I still have an overwhelming list. I did push through and got somethings done, but at about half the speed I usually accomplish things. Also Halloween was this week and it’s my favorite holiday to spend with my kids so those two factors really slowed me down. I’m not sure how I’ll get it all done this week but I believe in miracles. And maybe I don’t get it all done but the room will be way better than it was six weeks ago.

My big accomplishment for the week was painting the larger of the two dressers. It originally had a very rustic feel to it with faux hand hewn curves and what looked like a distressed top. I predict it is from the late 90’s when we all wanted beds made out of logs and have a bedroom that felt it belonged in the mountains. Do you remember that trend? I decided because of the dresser size, the curves, and the already nicked nature of the piece to attempt a distressed chalk paint finish. I have never worked with chalk paint and I don’t always love the “chippy” look but I love trying new things.

I’m glad I did branch out because it turned out really nice. It gives off a bit of old charm and romance that my vanity also exudes. It’s great to see the mismatched furniture come together nicely. The only thing I’m missing is the nightstand for my husband’s side. I just can’t find what I’m looking for in my budget. Hopefully this week I’ll have more luck.

I also hung our new bedside sconces and changed up our fan light. My original idea for my light fan/fan light was to find glass globes to replace the hazy glass bell shades, however the sizes were all wrong. Then I thought I could use large round light bulbs that would give the illusion on glass globes, however the light socket would show and it was not the effect I was going for. Then I saw these white glass fluted shades at my ReStore and decided they would be cohesive to the white globe sconces and the romantic tones the room was starting to show. And they were less than a dollar a piece, major win for the budget.

Wish me luck as I try to find all the finishing touches and solve the small problems like : how to hide all the cords.


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