One Room Challenge: Week Six

It’s reveal week!

The One Room Challenge is a six week design challenge held twice a year in October and April. It features 20 designers who will document their transformation of a single room over six weeks. Anyone with a instagram or blog is invited to join the community and share their own one room transformation journey.

Well I’m very happy with my progress over these six weeks. I learned about my personal process in forming a room and about the fact that it is more of a five week process than six, so I could have planned better for that. I could have just planned better. period. Then there were things I couldn’t plan for, like my three-year-old quitting her two to three hour daily nap and sickness slowing me down. But like I said I’m very happy with the new space.

It turned out more romantic and feminine than I originally planned. However my husband loves it, so I’m glad it’s not so girly that he feels unwelcome. In fact I feel I’m finding him spending more time in the space than before. Also a master bedroom probably should be the most romantic room in the house.

The hope-chest was my great-grandmother’s. I love having it at the foot of the bed and although it doesn’t hold my cross-stitch and future baby cloths, it is great storage for our extra sheets and quilts. Also great for hiding presents. Don’t tell my girls. Or my husband.

The vanity that I spoke of in week one was going to be my wild card. It was my other great-grandmother’s and I love it deeply but it didn’t fit with my modern style. However in the end it probably influenced the whole room. The curve of the drawers are referenced in the refurbished dresser, the cabriole legs are repeated in my husband’s thrifted nightstand.

Speaking of the dresser, this was maybe the most dramatic transformation. However it is also where I kinda failed the challenge. I was unable to find the time to fix the bottom drawer. I left it to the last minute and then the weekend got away from me with Bob Ross themed birthday parties, Dead and Co concerts, and Sounder’s MLS Cup victories. It was a really great weekend. I’ll finish the dresser this week. And at least I know my priorities are solidly in place.

But the finish on the dresser turned out great!

The off center window was another whole room transformation. By canvasing the wall in curtains the off center window was no longer a visual element to work around. I was able to rearrange the room for optimal use. It’s also my new-but-old idea of a feature wall and added a soft element to the room.

All heart eyes for this nightstand

Can we all share a moment for this nightstand I found this week? For five weeks I’ve looked for a nightstand for my husband. I wanted it to be the height of the bed. I had my heart set on round top. I found a few that were close but not right and most where way more than I wanted to spend. Last week I was a little panicked about what I would do. Then I walked into my ReStore this week and found this beauty. It was labeled “antique” which means someone at the store thought it was over 100 years old. It has cabriole legs that mimic my antique vanity. The gadrooning detail on the skirt and legs gives it a masculine note. I was so excited to see it and only spent $45! Also it holds a lot of books which is what my husband needs in a night stand.

The most surprising part for me, of this room transformation was the tall dresser. It is the one that holds the majority of my cloths and originally I thought it would sit along the far wall (see above). However after having it there for a few days I didn’t love the way it looked. I thought maybe painting it would make it better. Then my husband said he thought the dresser didn’t work there and that’s when I knew it REALLY didn’t work there. If my husband notices something like that it must be a sore spot. So I thought about it for a week and decided it belonged in my closet. I’m not a true capsule wardrobe type person but I do tend to wear the same 10 things for months at a time, so I purged my closet and moved some off season things to my daughters closet and had more than enough room for the dresser.

It’s actually really nice to have all my things in the closet. It also opened up that wall for our TV. The TV is mounted to the wall with an arm that can move out and tilt toward the bed. It is great to have a TV in the bedroom however I’ve been surprised by how much I appreciate it not being front and center when I’m in bed. It’s off to the side and still very comfortable to watch but not the main focus, ya know? Better for rest and relaxation.

Thanks you for checking out the results of this experiment. I hope the pictures capture how good this space feels. I can’t thank Linda at Calling It Home, The One Room Challange, and Better Home and Gardens enough for creating this space and hosting this challenge. It really pushed me to create a master bedroom that I love. I’ll start planning my next room in a week or two or three, once I’ve caught up on laundry and dishes.


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