2020 Project Forcast

Happy New Year Friends! To start off 2020 I’m sharing a Flash Forward Friday instead of a Flash Back Friday. I’ll be covering the 5 big projects I hope to complete this year. Enjoy.

The Garage Space

One reason we bought our house was for the 2 car garage, that we can actually park our cars in AND have space for storage/work. We’ve lived here for almost 4 years and have reworked the garage space a couple times. However it never quite works and at the moment is a LITERAL PHYSICAL PILE of discarded pieces of furniture, tools, sports gear, and camping equipment. (To be fair to myself and honest with my audience – the camping equipment it somewhat organized and on shelves.) But even with that caveat, does this space not sound like a disaster? Or like everyones garage? I know everyone’s garage is a bit of a disaster. But mine is out of control.

So for my first project I’m going to sort, organize and discard the contents of the garage. The end goal is to have a space organized for a few easy to grab yard tools (the rest live in the shed and that’s a whole different organization project), a corner to hang bikes and home a few outside toys, this corner for tools (including a workbench that can be used with my table and miter saw that at the moment live on the floor), and cleaning up the corner we use for laundry; because yes our laundry is also in the garage – for now.

The Office Space

My husband’s office was one of the first projects I did in our house. (You can read about it here – how I turned a 1950’s upper kitchen cabinet into this library wall.) He loves it. However there are a few things I’d like to finish in there: like the cabinet trim and the wall trim and the trim paint.

Obviously I left the project a little unfinished. But he loves it. Okay, he loves me and doesn’t even notice the unfinished parts. Absent minded professor, he is.

It could also use a few more finishes too. Like a rug and curtains and a few more shelves. I’d also like to change the door to a barn door/slider door that hangs/slides in the outside hall. When we have company this space also works as a guest room and having that extra 6 square feet will help the room feel cozy rather than cramped with a queen air mattress.

This modern barn door will also lead into Project #3.

The Hallway Space

The barn door would hang on this empty wall.

There is nothing “wrong” with our hallway, however if I’m going to hang a modern barn door on the upstairs wall, then I have an idea to modernize the linen closet doors to match. Which means I will want to make the banister more modern too. Design creep is a thing.

I also have plans to update the stairs with some paint. Maybe change out all the hallway doors? Art work and family photos will finally go back up. (I took them down a year ago to paint and never rehung them… might as well wait a little longer.)

This project is one I’ll be doing later in the year, well after the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge which is:

The Sunroom Space

This is the project my house needs the most. It is the only room we haven’t touched since we moved in. It was originally a screened in porch. A previous owner turned it into walled and carpeted sunroom (probably for resale, to increase the square footage). So we noticed pretty quickly after moving in that where the “new” walls meet the brick there are drafty gaps to the outside and the carpet is just awful. But the space has potential. Like the garage, this space has also become a LITERAL PHYSICAL PILE of projects, crafts, and art supplies.

If you look closely you can see 4 small upcoming projects for my girls and the blog

However unlike the garage, the sunroom has worked off-and-on as my art studio. So as strange as it sounds from looking at the pictures I do know where stuff is and what is in there. I just have never taken the time to make the space inspiring or functional.

When we moved in I was 8 months pregnant. The last 4 years have been focused on being a mom of young children. However that’s over, they can almost fend for themselves in this wild world (kidding!) and I’m going to try to focus back on my craft (not kidding!). I have set this room aside time and time again to do and make things for my family.

My whole house was painted this builder beige color when we moved in. Great for seeing the potential. But what a yuck color.

But I’m stating it here and I’m stating it loud: This year the sunroom will get all the love and attention it needs to become a functioning space! Not just for me to be creative, but also as a small mudroom for yard toys and muddy shoe. It’ll also be a nice space to sit and read a book with all the windows open in the spring and fall. It’s going to function and it’s going to feel beautiful. Okay I think I said it.

Kitchen Island Space

Maybe the kitchen island isn’t really a space, unless I wax poetic about the space held by me, my children, my husband and our friends gathered around it. Okay it is a space. A space that our kitchen isn’t desperate for. Nevertheless an island would add a much needed work space, a place to hide our recycling and trash cans, another place to sit and chat in the kitchen, and we do have the space for a small one. I’ve been thinking about exactly how I want it to look, fit, and function for over a year. I can’t wait to build exactly what I want, however there isn’t really a rush right now because my husband and two girls love this big open space for family dance parties. So for now we will use the space for making those memories, then next year we can use the space for a whole new set of memories. That’s a home.

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