January: 5 Things Recap

I’ve been trying to write and post every Friday. However this past Friday’s post, January: 5 Things Recap, is late because…

We had the flu!

It started mid-January when my husband, Doctor-Professor-Andrew, came home sick and swore it was “the flu”, but I dismissed it as a man cold. (Don’t cry wolf, boys!) Then I caught it and felt achy, blah, had a headache — it was uncomfortable, still it didn’t feel the same as when I had the flu 2 years ago and couldn’t get out of bed. However a week later our youngest started to get sick and tested positive to flu B. Which is the milder of the flu strands. So for most of January everyone has been taking their turns being sick. (It’s so important to take turns, kids.) It’s great not mothering and nursing everyone at the same time, but on the other hand I’ve been mothering and nursing for weeks on end and have felt unproductive on my personal list of to dos. Also I’m fantasizing about running away a lot.

I’m doing Whole 30

Some of my favorite Whole 30 things. This Plant Based Queso dip is so good. I got it at Costco.

The premise is to cut out dairy, soy, legumes, alcohol, sugar, and all grains for 30 days. Very restrictive and so difficult. The theory is for 30 days you are eating incredibly clean whole foods, and this allows your body to heal from unknown sources of inflammation. People claim to feel a huge difference in everything from digestion to sleep to mood. After 30 days you introduce each restricted item back into your diet one at a time and see how you feel. Then with this information you can create a diet that really works for your body. I read the book Whole 30 about 3 years ago and thought “no way, this looks way too hard and complicated.” But I also had a newborn then and hadn’t slept in months, literally everything was too hard and complicated. Now I’m rested and ready to do the experiment. I’m ready to know if it really is dairy that triggers my migraines, or maybe soy in what makes me feel so lethargic and bloated. If you are intrigued I highly recommend reading the book for a better understanding of the rules and the science. I’m 13 days in and I won’t lie, it is hard, but the book is really helpful on the harder days. I’m already seeing great results with my sleep, skin and weight. I also have more energy and feel really good in my skin.

A Podcast to keep kids brushing

I noticed lately that my girls have been brushing their teeth for about 15 seconds and calling it done. Big problem. Solution: I got a 2-minute sand timer to encourage them to brush for the full 2 minutes. They just cry and moan about how it takes forever. Problem solved, but my life was still miserable during tooth brushing. Watching sand fall through a crack does feel like all the days of your life, so I understood the complaint.

One day my oldest was listening to Smash Boom Best and they had a guest from a podcast called Chompers. Well, thank you for crossover-podcast-marketing! Because Chompers was the answer to all my problem. Every morning and evening there is a new 3-minute podcast that instructs children when to start brushing, when to switch sides/top/bottom, and when the 2 minutes is up. In between these instructions they tell stories or jokes or interview people. It is informative and entertaining for my eldest, who is eight, and stretches my three-year-olds listening skills. All while also getting them to really brush their teeth. It’s brilliant. I set it up on my phone with Apple Podcasts, but I know some people have a google mini or an echo dot in their bathroom and can listen via Spotify or Alexa.

Garage Progress

Bad lighting and not sexy, but can you believe all this was in boxes or just a heap on the floor.

I made progress in the garage. I found these 2 selves for $10 (total!!) that got our yard toys and yard stuff out of boxes, off the ground, and easily accessible. I’ve been slowly going through tools and half finished projects to organize for accessible use or to donate. I have not yet built my saw table, but I’m hopeful I can get that done this weekend or next week.

ReStore Find

One day I went to the ReStore looking for garage storage, but they were having a 50% off sale on dining room tables. I wandered through and found a beat up table for $40 ($20 with the sale). Although the top was in rough condition and missing the leafs — making it to small for our space, it was being held up by 2 perfect condition all wood pedestals. I had to have them. At $10 a piece I felt like I was stealing. As soon as I’m done with the garage, then the office, I now have plans for a quick dining area refresh that will involve building a new table top for these pedestals.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through the links I have shared I receive a small commission at no cost to you. All opinions are my own and no one has asked me to share these items.

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